問1 次の各文の訳として正しいものを,次の①~⑲より選び,番号で答えなさい。
(1)How are you ?  
(2)Nice to meet you. 
(3)That’s right. 
(5)I see.
(6)Me ,too.
(7)How about you ?
(8)Excuse me.
(10)You’re welcome.
(11)Here you are.
(12)All right.
(13)I’m sorry.
(14)See you.
(15)Here we are.
(17)That’s sound good.
(18)How’s everything?
(19)That’s too bad.

①その通りです  ②あなたはどうですか  ③どういたしまして  ④さあ着きました  ⑤またね  ⑥お元気ですか     ⑦はじめまして  ⑧お気の毒に,それは残念です  ⑨もちろん  ⑩すいません(話しかける)  ⑪もう一度言ってください    
⑫本当ですか  ⑬なるほど,わかった ⑭わたしもです  ⑮はいどうぞ  ⑯調子はどうですか  ⑰いいですよ  ⑱すみません(謝る) ⑲それはいいですね

問2 次の各対話が成り立つように,(  )に最もよくあてはまるものを,それぞれのア~エから一つ選び,記号で答えなさい。
A:What sports do you like , Tom ?
B:Soccer. I play it everyday.
A:Me , too.(    )
B:That’s right.I think it is the most popular sport in the world.

ア.It is played all over the world. イ.I play every Friday.
ウ.A lot of people play baseball. エ.I have never played it.

A:That bike is very nice. Who did buy it?
B: (   ) . She bought it yesterday.
A:I see.

ア.My father did.  イ.It is mine.
ウ.My sister did. エ.It is a new one.

A:Shall we go shopping on Sunday , Tom ?
B:(   ). I have many things to do on Sunday.
A:How about next Monday ?
B:All right.

ア.All right. イ.That’s too bad.
ウ.Pardon? エ.I’m sorry.

A:Excuse me. May I borrow forks?  *borrow…借りる
B:Sure. How many forks do you want?
B:OK.(  )
B:You’re welcome.

ア.Here we are. イ.How about you ?
ウ.Here you are. エ.Really?

問3 次の(    )に適する語を書いて、問答文を完成しなさい。
A: Its hot in this room.
B: Why (    )(    )open the window?
A: OK. I will.

A: Excuse me.(    )(    )tell me the(    )(    )to the hospital?
B: Sure. Walk along this street for a few minutes. You can see it on your left.

A: Hello. This is Tom. May I speak to Kate?
B: She’s not in right now. Shall I (    )a(    )?
A: No, thank you. All call back later.




(1)don’t you
(2)Will you way
(3)take message